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GotFusion was founded on September 1, 2001 and our product support web site went online on October 15, 2001 offering extended product support for the NetObjects Fusion MX product. Originally consisting of several members of the former Team NetObjects program, gotFusion has grown over the years into the single largest repository for information, tutorials, and work arounds for this software product.

After the purchase of the Fusion product by Website Pros, gotFusion was contracted to handle tier 3 support for the newly released Fusion version 7.  Tier 3 support is the final level for product support problems, requiring engineering level expertise.  When you contact product support your original product support contact is known as tier 1.  Most support issues are resolved by tier 1 support.  If the problem is beyond what can be handled at this basic support level the support issue is upgraded to tier 2 support where many additional problems which involve outside programs such as JavaScript, cgi, and other dynamic languages which interact with Fusion are addressed.  If the issue cannot be resolved by the tier 2 personnel it is passed to the final step in the support process know as tier 3.  At this level solutions that require extensive work arounds or additional coding gets addressed.  There is no support above tier 3, the product support "buck stops here".

The technical support members of gotFusion are all former members of Team NetObjects and represent the most knowledgeable individuals you will run across who are using the NetObjects Fusion product.

Besides being the most extensive base of knowledge on the NetObjects Fusion product gotFusion also offers web hosting through our affiliate Capitalizing on our knowledge of the Fusion product and our long association with Handy Networks we can offer Fusion users the finest experience from the removal of the shrink-wrap from their boxed product right up to their finished web site on our state of the art web servers.

All the technical support staff at gotFusion also maintain other jobs in addition to their gotFusion position.  We work long hours in order to bring you timely help in a friendly and fun manner.

Your membership into gotFusion helps us defray the costs of our hosting, hardware, utilities, and, facilities.  If you are not a member and you have been helped by the tutorials on our site, consider joining today.

If you are dissatisfied with your current web hosting and want to recieve one one one NetObjects Fusion product support and want to help keep the gotFusion resource online set up or move your hosting account to us


Meet the Members of your gotFusion Support Team

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turtle . turtle .
I started with computers back in the early 1970's when a good knowledge of soldering and a steady hand was a pre-requisite. I still have my first 8080 S-100 CPU card that I wired myself and I take it out of its shoe box on occasion along with my whopping 2k ram card. I donated Inky, Blinky, & Nod (my first S-100 front panel) to a local computer museum many years ago but for some reason I could not Learn More...


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