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Johannes Thordarson
My first acquaintance with computers was in 1978 when I bougth me a brand new TRS-80 Model I from Radio Shack. Since then I have had a number of computers like, BBC Master, Archimedes and RiscPC from Acorn Computers. I had my first Intel based PC in 1995. I've been dabbling in web design since then. My first copy of Netobjects Fusion was version 3. Before that I was playing with Webber HTML, HomeSite, Corel WebMaster Suite, FrontPage 98, Dreamweaver 4 and many other that I have now forgot. I'm an enthusiastic about computers and its many uses as tools in creative work, whether it's in graphics design, DTP, web design or even information gathering and storing. However, my earnings for daily bread comes from working as a security officer working nightshifts. I live in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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