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Did you know that you can:

  • set one background (and other CSS properties) for the "MasterBorder" part of your page,
  • another for the "body" of your page, and
  • other different settings for text regions in the MasterBorder?

Here is how you do it:


For best results:

  • To use this background method, you must have Fusion 5, MX, 7, or 7.5,
  • Your site pages must use a single Text Box in the Layout,
  • Text Box Properties, 2nd tab, set the "Size Layout to Text" check box On, and
  • In Tools, Options, Current Site, turn on CSS formatting.

Setting Up the MasterBorder CSS Properties

  1. In Style View, open the Page Background Properties by clicking on the Edit Style Background box
  2. Select a color or a graphic for your Background.
  3. Click OK.

The resulting page background appears immediately in Style View.

Setting up the default CSS Text background

  1. In Style View, Click the Text tab
  2. Click to select the Text Object item
  3. In the Text Object Properties Dialog, click the Format button
  4. On the Background tab, set a different Color or Image for the background of your Text Object.
  5. Optional: go to the Borders tab, and set a line border, and padding around the text. (For best results, use PX sizes!)

You may not see these changes until:

  • you switch to Page View, Preview tab, or
  • you do a local publish of your site.


When you apply formatting to the Text Object item in Style View, Text, that formatting also applies (Cascades) to) Text Box objects that you draw in your MasterBorder. If this is not what you want, draw a single-cell table instead of a text box.

See a sample page with multiple backgrounds.

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