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What to do if Fusion crashes and you can't open your web site

There will come a time when you experience a computer problem and Fusion will shut down. When you try to open your site project it will not open and give you an error message.

Important:You should not continue trying to open your project but close Fusion and copy one of the backups project files that Fusion keeps for you.

Go over this tutorial so that you know where Fusion keeps your backup copies

Using Windows explorer, navigate to your backup folder and copy the file with the newest date to your project file folder. Click on that file name (after you have moved it) to start Fusion with that project file. If it opens you will need to update the changes you made since this backup was saved and what you changed before Fusion closed unexpectedly.

If the newest backup is corrupted and not usable, then copy the file with the next newest date from the backup folder to your user sites folder and click it to open Fusion with that copy.

Continue doing this until you find a file that will open

If you opened and closed Fusion a number of times trying to get your old site project file to work, you may have over written all of the backups with bad files. Every time you close a Fusion site project it creates a backup copy. If you open and close Fusion more times than you have backups then there will not be any good copies for you to start with and you will need to start your site project all over again. The number of backups that the Fusion program keeps is set in your application settings area. You should read the tutorial on where the number of backup copies setting is located. The default number of backups kept is 4. I recommend changing this to 10. Fusion will discard the oldest backup every time it creates a new backup (every time you close your site project).

Once you have your site project put back together you should export your project to template. This is the safest way to backup your web site project as all parts needed (graphics, photos, pdf files, etc) are kept along with the site project database. Read this tutorial on how to create a template

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