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Choose How Your List of Items Will Be Displayed

Clicking on the List Page tab at the top will bring up the second section of the store which controls how the list of items are displayed. This palette is broken into top and bottom sections. The top is the sort order where you can rearrange the order of items on the list display page manually by highlighting them and pressing Move Up or Move Down. You can also press the Sort button and sort your store list display order by name, manufacturer, price, SKU and a number of other criteria

Sorting the Store Display Order
Selecting the List Display Layout

The bottom segment has 3 tabs Layout | Display Items | Purchase Options

The Layout tab is where you will select how your list of items will be displayed on the page. You can select from any of the 4 predefined displays. You can set the number of columns if items to show on a page. By placing a check in the Thumbnail Image Links To Detail Page check box you can tell Fusion to create a detail page for each item in the store with a link to it from the list item.

Selecting What to Display in Your List

Clicking on the Display Items tab will allow you to select what parts of your products to display in the items list. Add more by highlighting a product item you want to display on the left and press the Add button. To remove a product item highlight it on the right and press Remove. To change the order highlight one on the left and press the Move Up or Move Down buttons. Highlight any item on the right anc click Format and you can make that item a link to the detail page or add a label.

Selecting Purchase Options on the List Page

The last tab will allow you to place either a By Now or Add to Cart button (or both) on your list page using either text or a button.

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