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Creating a form to e-mail process using the built in Fusion Form Handler Component

Step 1:  Create the Container for the Form Elements
  • From the Standard Tools Toolbar select the Form Area Tool and draw a rectangle on your page where you wish to have your form appear.

Form Area Tool

  • From the Create Form palette select the type of form you wish to create. The most common type of form is a form within a table

create a table based form

  • When Using the table form option you get presented with the table creation tool. Select the number of columns and rows you wish for your form.

create a table based form, by selecting  the rows and columns you will need


Step 2:  Designing the Form User Input Area
  • Using the tools on the Forms Tools toolbar place your text, input boxes, multi line text areas, drop down selects, select buttons, and check boxes where you wish them to appear in your form table

Select your forms input boxes from the forms tools toolbar

  • From the NOF Components Toolbar select the Form Handler Component and place it within the table. The Form Handler component will be your Submit button

form Handler Tool

  • Select the Publish to line and from the drop down box select Email
  • Enter the email address you wish to have the form content sent to.

Form Handler Properties Palette

  • Your form should look like the one below

Finished Form

Note: Using this method (know as a mailto: form process) will only work for site visitors that have a local based e-mail client such as outlook, outlook express, edora, etc.  If the site visitor only has a web based e-mail address such as a hotmail, yahoo, or gmail account they will NOT be able to use the form. Mail-to process requires that the site visitor send the form content from their computer rather than having the web server's mail program process and send the contents of the form to you.

The site visitor will also receive a windows security alert saying that the web site they are visiting is trying to send e-mail from their computer.

These 2 reasons are the strongest for using a web host solution to processing forms and sending content.

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