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Before your domain can show up on our web servers you must edit the DNS name servers on your domain record. To do this you must go to the site where your domain is regestered (not hosted but regestered) and edit the name server record that "points" to the web server that holds your domain

This information only applies to our shared and reseller hosting customers. Dedicated web server customers will have their own name servers.

To find which of our servers your domain is being hosting on:

  1. Login to your Helm control panel
  2. Click on the Icon
  3. Click on the Domain Name from the list of hosted domains
  4. The Name Servers where your domain is located will be displayed next to where it says Name Server Records:

Below you will find a list of Flash tutorials on updating your name server information with your domain registrar.

If your domain registrar is in the list below, please click on the link and a detailed tutorial will lead you through the DNS editing process. If your domain register company is not listed below, please contact your domain registrar for assistance.

If you cannot see to do this and you feel that you need more help please contact us and we will walk you through this proces or we will edit the name server for you

It may take as long as 72 hours after you edit your DNS records before you can type in your domain name and have it display from our servers.

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