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How To Make Colored Form Elements With CSS Class Setting.
This method may degrade in Netscape 4.x browsers.

Step 1.

In Page View, Click Text, Edit Text Styles.

Step 2.

In Text Styles, Click New.

Step 3.

In New Text Style, Tick Create Custom Style And Type In form. (You Can Use Any Name.) Tick Site Wide.

Step 4.

Select The Borders Tab Then Tick Border And Select A Color.

Step 5.

Select The Background Tab And Select A Color For The Form Element Background. Click OK

Step 6.

In Styles, You Can Now See The New Style, form, That Was Created. Click Close.

Step 7.

In Page View, Check, Layout Is A Form.

Step 8.

Place A Form Element And Click It's HTML Button.

Step 9.

Click The Inside Tag Tab And Type In CLASS="form". Repeat This Step For Each Form Element Placed.

Step 10.

Make Sure CSS Is Set In Site Settings And Preview,
Your Form Elements Now Have Color In IE 4+.

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