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Putting all this to use:

  • You can make as many of these wrapping "master layout" pages as you want to.
  • Master layout pages replace part of the function of the traditional Fusion MasterBorder. (They do NOT change all the pages that use the master layout -- you have to do that manually!)

Procedures to follow:

  • In Site View, put your master layout pages together on one end of your site structure.
  • Mark them Do Not Publish so that they do not appear in your site navigation bars.
  • Make frequent template backups as you work.

Using your master layout(s) to make new or update existing pages

Creating a new page using a master layout

  1. Go to Site View
  2. Select your desired Master Layout page
  3. Press CTRL+C to copy it
  4. Select the page that will be the "parent" of your new page.
  5. Press CTRL+V to paste the copy of the master layout page into position
  6. Adjust the Page Name, Custom Names, and Title as desired for your new page.
  7. Switch to Page View of the new Page.
  8. In the table, click into the body table cell.
  9. Press CTRL+A to select all the filler content. All the objects in the body cell should display in reverse video to show they have been selected. (See a screen shot)
  10. Press Delete to get rid of the "filler" content.
  11. Add your new page's content.

Converting an existing page to use a master layout

  1. Do steps 1 through 10 at left, placing the new page as a child of the existing page you want to convert.
  2. Open the page you want to convert.
  3. Select and copy to the clipboard all the content in the layout region.
  4. Go to the child page you created above. Paste the content into the body table cell
  5. Switch back to Site View
  6. Copy the Custom names and Title from the old page to the new page.
  7. Select and Delete the old page.
  8. Your new converted page should now occupy the same spot in the site structure as the original page.


Q. What if I have components on the page? I heard you can't copy-paste components!

A. If your site was created in Fusion MX or 7, and uses current components, recent information from WSP Engineers says it is safe to copy/paste components. If your site:

  • Was originally created in an older version of Fusion, or if
  • It uses old components, then

Be careful: make frequent template backups.

Q. I did everything you said, but the pages I get are still fixed width.

A. Make sure to turn on Size Layout to Text and Contents Wrap to Browser Width in the properties dialog for the first text object in the page structure. Also make sure that the parent table is set to Relative Width. Tip: use the Object Tree (press F4) to make sure you are setting this on the right object.

Q. I did everything you said, but the pages I get have lots of extra white space around the layout.

A. In Page View, go to the Fusion menu, select Object, Size Layout to Objects.

Q. What if I want to change something in that used to be in the MasterBorder? Will it update on all my other pages?

A. No. When you design pages using the steps in this tutorial, nothing is automatic any more. You do give up the advantages of Fusion's MasterBorders when you design this way.

  • You will find it's a little more work to maintain a site that uses this style of layout. To update pages with a new design feature, create a new master layout page, and then convert existing pages to use your new master layout.


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