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How to bring Xara Webstyle Navigation bars into the NetObjects Fusion Data Base

Condensed Tutorial

Modified 12/28/03

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  1. Create your Xara Menu files as you normally would using Xara Webstyle.
  2. Locate your Xara assets that contain your newly generated Xara files into your Fusion Site "Assets" folder.
  3. Create a Special "Holding" Page for the Xara .js file links.
  4. Set the Publish Settings for your new "Holding" page to "Don't Publish."
  5. On this special "Holding" Page, create 2 text links, one for each Xara .js file and link them each to their corresponding .js files.
  6. Place the Xara's .js script  Menu data onto  your page using the html attributes of a text box. Click and draw a text box in the Master Border area (a small sized text box will do. Locate your Xara generated html file, open it and view the source. In that source will be the .js file script. This is the script that we need to insert into the "HTML" properties of our text box. Insert the script into the "Before Tag" area of the text Object HTML.
  7. In "Assets View" bring in the balance of your Xara image files.
  8. Set your site publish settings to either "by Site Structure" or "by Flat."

That's it, just add your other site content and you are ready to publish. To see a sample site that was produced using this method click here.

Xara Design Note

Unlinked Button Design Note: In the event that you decide to have a "Future link" in your Xara Nav System, as illustrated in Figure 1.10. Please keep in mind that Xara 3.0 & 4.0 will generate one blank .html page for each one of those unlinked buttons. It will not be necessary for you to bring those blank pages into Fusion in order for your Nav Bar to function properly. Just delete the extra html pages Xara generates for those blank links and only keep the one main Xara html file.

Fig. 1.10

[Authors Notes]

This Tutorial  written and maintained  by Rich DeCruz, GotFusion, LLC

My personal thanks to Charlie Haywood for his expert assistance in designing the mechanics of this tutorial.

 Xara Xone is is the best one-stop resource for Xara-X, vector graphics and drawing software.
gotFusion wishes to thank Gary W. Priester and Xara for publishing this tutorial in their Guest Tutorial Section 11/1/03

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Updated 12/28/03

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