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PHP in Fusion -- Accessing your database

PHP is a powerful scripting language that allows you to create pages that are interpreted by a web hosting server BEFORE the page's HTML is generated. The server evaluates the PHP code, then based on the results, generates an HTML page for the viewer. This allows one page to be used and viewed differently based on the valued of the PHP code, or a "dynamic" web page. PHP is often used to front end databases (particularly popular is to use PHP to access a MySQL database).

PHP, The Basics, you will learn how to to insert PHP code into NetObjects Fusion, and some of the basic PHP command structure:

  • Learn PHP --What can PHP be used for?
  • PHP Essentials -- the basics PHP requirements for any page containing PHP code
  • PHP in Fusion -- How to get your PHP code inserted into your Fusion .nod file
  • Reading Files -- How to open and read simple files in PHP
  • Variables -- Variables in PHP and structure requirements
  • Flow Control -- Controlling your code with IFs, WHILEs, etc

Lesson 1 - Learn PHP

PHP and MySQL Primer

Once you have mastered and understand working with PHP in Fusion, you are ready to begin manipulating your database using PHP while working within the flexibility of Fusion.

In this tutorial, you will cover:

  • MySQL-PHP basics --  how to open and connect a MySQL database using PHP function calls in Fusion
  • Displaying your information -- how to perform database select statement retrieving single and multiple records from your database and displaying that database in a variety of formats
  • Forms --  how to create Fusion forms that call and manipulate the PHP-MySQL code
  • Call Script Forms Method -- an overview of the simplest way to use and process PHP forms
  • Add -- Simple method of adding a new record to a database table
  • Edit -- Simple method of updating a record that is already in a database table
  • Delete -- Deleting unwanted records from a database table
  • Combination Boxes -- Creating pulldown boxes that are populated from a database table.

Lesson 1 - Getting Started using MySQL in Fusion

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