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Step 5
Now we need to upload these files. Open your ftp client, connect to the server, and navigate to the system root discussed earlier. Then find your local .htpasswd file, and upload it to that directory.  Make sure to upload in ASCII and not BINARY. Finally, Chmod it to 644 or RW-R--R--.

Step 6
Now, navigate to our "protected" directory, find your local .htaccess, and upload it to the protected folder. Again, make sure it's being uploaded in ASCII and not BINARY, then Chmod it to 644 or RW-R--R--.

Step 7
Now you need to open your site in NetObjects Fusion®. Switch to "Publish View". Create a folder (directory) called "protected." Drag and drop the pages you want to have protected to that directory.

Step 8
Publish your site and make sure everything works.

Note: Do not link to any images or files in this directory from unprotected pages, as this will cause your visitors to get a login prompt when the browser tries to load that image or file.


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