This is a NOF table. I could have put almost anything in it. But I've just put text in it.

 Very boring!

But I've put a close link in it, just to show you that you can put anything you want  And to at least give you the option of closing this thing you had no control over opening

Close it

Popanything demo


You can put just about anything into a NOF layout area or a NOF table and turn it into one of these nifty DHTML "popanythings". In NOFspeak, you just have to know how to insert things Before and After tags, put a bit of script in your Head, and make Javascript links that have onclicks, onmouseovers and onmouseouts in them. It's not newbie stuff, but it's not that complicated.

You can put anything that NOF will allow in a layout area, or a table, or a text box, or you can have just a pic on its own. You just put the required script Before Tag and After Tag on any NOF object that allows that intervention, then put a bit of code in the Head and the Link, and, voila! - you have a popanything DHTML object.

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