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META tags are special HTML tags that are
read and used by web browsers and robots

There are two places that you will want to place your robot specific META tags with NetObjects Fusion. Some META tags should go in the MasterBorder HTML HEAD area so that they will appear on every page of the web site. The META tags that are page specific (such as the page description, the page keywords, and the robots instructions) should be placed within the Layout HTML HEAD area so that they will appear only on the one page that they are specific to.

There are two ways you can get to the proper HEAD insertion location within NetObjects Fusion to place META tags.

  • From PAGE VIEW you can right click in the MasterBorder area and choose Master HTML from the drop down choice box (META tags will be placed on all pages from Master HTML). OR right click in the Layout area and choose Layout HTML (META tag will be placed only on that one page that you are working with in page view).
  • From PAGE VIEW click on the HTML button on the MasterBorder Properties palette or Layout Properties palettes

Whether you want the META tag on all pages or only on the a single page Click on the Between Head Tags tab and copy your META tag into the lower window. The Between Head Tags tab is the first one on the left and it is the default insertion location every time you access either the MasterBorder HTML OR Layout HTML areas in NetObjects Fusion.

Just remember anything placed within the MasterBorder HEAD HTML will appear on EVERY PAGE of the web site and anything placed in the Layout HEAD HTML will appear ONLY ON ONE PAGE of the web site. View the source of any of these pages to get the feel for META tags. Use META Tags on every page!. They are your best source for increasing traffic from search engine hits and indexing.

Suggested Robot META tags for the
MasterBorder HTML HEAD (on all pages)

Suggested Robot META tags for the
Layout HTML HEAD (for individual pages)

All of the Robots META tag conventions are listed below
Choose only one that applies to the page you need to place it on

Outside links and resources for more information about META tags

See what an indexing spider views when they visit your web site by placing your URL in the input box on this web site

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