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Funny-looking Nav-bar Buttons?
Whacky Banners?
"Damaged Objects Found?"

From time to time, Fusion 5, MX,  7 or 7.5 users may encounter odd behavior when publishing. Automatically generated graphics such as navigation buttons or banners may not appear as you expect from your settings in Site View, or other things may go wrong.  Specifically:

  • Some navigation buttons may have blurred text on them, or
  • The banner graphic may be generated from the graphic assigned to a nav bar button, or the other way around, or
  • You get "damaged objects have been found and deleted" errors when publishing.

When this happens, it probably means one or more of your MasterBorders has become damaged. To fix the problem, try this procedure.

  1. In Site View, create a new blank page in your site.
  2. In the Page Properties dialog, set the new page to use the ZeroMargins MasterBorder.
  3. Switch to Page View for the new page, and
  4. Click in the gray area outside of the layout to display the MasterBorder Properties dialog.

Next,  create a new MasterBorder.

  1. In the MasterBorder Properties dialog, click the Add/edit button
  2. In the Edit MasterBorder list dialog, click the Add button
  3. Name your new MasterBorder something like "new."
  4. In the Base On pull-down, select ZeroMargins.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Adjust the top and left margins of the layout area to make room for your banner and nav bar (or any other objects you wish to place in the MasterBorder).
  7. Insert your banner and nav bar into the margins, along with any other objects you may wish to have on every page. Note: do not use "copy / paste" from other pages to do this -- place the objects with the normal toolbar icons for each type of object.

Now, apply your new MasterBorder to all the pages that use the damaged one.

  1. Switch back to Site View.
  2. Select all the affected pages in your site by holding down the Shift key while clicking on the page icons.
  3. When you see all the affected pages displayed in the Page Properties Dialog, ensure the top property box shows "MasterBorder." Select your "new" MasterBorder in the pick list.
  4. Click the Set on all button.
  5. Check the pages in page view to ensure that the new MasterBorder appears to be working OK.

Finally, do a local publish to test the changes.

  1. Using Windows Explorer, delete the contents of the following two folders:
    c:\NetObjects Fusion 5(MX)(7)\User Sites\yoursite\Local Publish and
    c:\NetObjects Fusion 5(MX)(7)\User Sites\yoursite\Preview
  2. In Fusion, click the Publish Site button
  3. In the Select Location list, choose Local Publish

Repeat the process for each MasterBorder in your site if necessary.  Once you have created new MasterBorders to replace the damaged ones, delete the damaged MasterBorders from the site. Finally:

  1. Export your site to a template for safekeeping.
  2. If you have Fusion MX or 7, switch to Site View and run Tools / Re-optimize. OR,

    If you have Fusion 5.02 or earlier, run the process described in the RECOVER.TXT file in your NetObjects Fusion 5 program folder.

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