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Having more than one person work on a site project

NetObjects Fusion is NOT a multi user site development tool but there are ways that you can have several people develop a site and not interfere with each others work. This web project was a collaboration of 15 individuals who created and maintain this web site.

Planning / Design stage
  • Agree on a publish structure that everyone will use. Flat is the simplest to cross reference
  • Design a site style that will be used site wide and distribute it to all contributors
  • Create sub folders on your web server to accept each contributor's content
  • In Fusion Site View, lay out all of the primary sections of the web site
  • Create the primary navigation for all of the main sections so that everything flows as planned
  • Make each menu section that will be handled by a different developer an external link, either a relative link or an absolute link pointing to their know server folder index.html page location
  • Export the empty site structure to a template (siteName-MasterTemplate.nft) and upload it to your web server for each contributor to get.
  • Assign each person working on the project a section (or group of sections) of the site and supply them with the master template.
When all of the design / layout is completed:
  • Each contributor should have a master menu page of their content that the primary site navigation points to (their index of home page).
  • Each contributor should have secondary navigation that goes through their site sections outside of the primary site navigation.
  • Have all contributors upload their Fusion content to their individual folder on the web server.
  • Appoint one person to handle the web site's primary index page

Using this method of divided work load and dedicated server location you can have as many people working on a single site as is necessary. 

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