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One of the three pre defined web site publishing methods is Site Structure If used properly this method is the most powerful of the pre defined choices. When you first select Site Section as your publish method Fusion defaults the level of publishing to 5. This means that Fusion will create folders up to five levels below the site root. If you examine the image to the right you will see the site root You will notice that there are 5 folders under it named boston (level1), office (level2), employees (level3), accounting (level4). and the 5th level has the names of those employees in accounting.

Using the default setting, each of these 5 folders will hold an html page of the same name as the folder and any graphic or other assets that are used on that page.

You set the number of levels in Publish View from the Publish > by Site Structure Menu choice. Either directly enter the number of levels you wish to have or use the up/down arrows to add or remove levels. Publishing by site section allows you the most control over the storage locations of your web site project html documents.

Retaining the default level of 5 can make for some VERY long URLs as all 5 folder levels are created and you get URLs such as: th.html

By Changing the number of levels from 5 to 1 this URL becomes: This is shorter but not very descriptive.

Setting the directory levels to 3 would be the best for this site as each employees name would show after the employees folder. The folders for accounting, sales, maintenance, and each employee do not appear in the URL as the html page is placed in the employees folder. The site structure and organization is maintained within Site View. So with a directory level setting of 3 the URL for bob's html page would be:

If we take a look at the way the rest of this company web site has been set up we see that publishing to a level of 3 folders makes everything fall neatly into place. This site was designed from the beginning to work within the 3 level structure so that all pages created would be placed logically within this design frame work. With a little pre-planing a web site can be put together using the publish by Site Section with URLs that are reasonably short and the organization of the site can be exceptional without the need for any customization of the publish folders or files.

The two images below show the actual site structure of this web site in outline view and the way it appears in publish view with the levels set to 3 folders

Example site structure
outline view
Example site structure
levels set to 3

As you can see when the publish folder levels is set to three at the employees level all html files are placed within this folder. In the example above you have the employee's folder and in that are the files:
accounting.html and the 3 employee pages
sales.html and the 2 employee pages
repair.html and the employee page

Similarity the computer types of servers and work stations and the brands are placed into the computers folder, and on throughout the web site

Download this example web site template to see how this all fits together and play around with different publish levels to find another one that may be better suited for this example.

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