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Migrating a NetObjects Fusion site from earlier Versions

The recommended procedure for migrating a web site created in older Versions to the current version of NetObjects Fusion is a Multi step process:

Step 1:  Re-optimize in MX and newer or use Manual Recover if you are migrating from Versions 3 through 5

If you are running NetObjects Fusion MX or higher:

  • Click the Site View icon and display the tree of your web site
  • From the menu bar select Tools > Re-Optimize.
  • Either Save or Close the site to make sure that the re-optimized nod fine is saved
  • If you experience difficulty using the Auto Re-Optimize tool (Fusion locks up or you end up with only the home page and not the rest of the site). Go to your backup folder with Windows Explorer and copy the backup with the newest date (the one you saved after doing the verify assets procedure outlined above) and copy it  to your user sites folder.  Then with Windows Explorer click on the backup to open it in Fusion. From the Fusion menu choose File > Save As and give it the same name as your damaged file, answer yes to the over write prompt.  Then follow the manual recover procedure explained below.

If you are running NetObjects Fusion 3 though 5 or have difficulty with the MX or above auto Re-Optimize feature:

  • If you are using a version older than MX you will need to run your site files though the the procedure know as manual recover. Please read and follow all of the steps outlined.
  • After doing the manual recover either File > Save or File > Close each site to make sure you have a saved version of your data file (*nod)
Step 2: Get your current sites exported to template:

Start your older version of NetObjects Fusion.

  • In the older version of NetObjects Fusion open the web site you want to migrate to the current version
  • Verify all file assets and delete unused file assets (delete only if you do not wish to keep orphaned graphics, sound etc.)
  • From the older version's menu bar select File > Export site as Template (the wording may differ depending on the which version you are exporting from). Follow the steps in the tutorial for Verifying assets and exporting sites
  • Navigate to the  templates folder you created and click it to select it. The template will be exported to that templates folder under the site's name, along with the style and all assets.
  • Do this with all older site files you wish to migrate
  • Close the site file and re-open it.  This creates a backup of your site without the unused assets in case you need to export the site again for some reason.
Step 3: (Optional) Un-install your older version using the Windows add/remove programs tool on the control panel:
  • Before you un-install, copy all 3rd party component folders (and content) to a safe location
  • Before you un-install copy all site styles folders (and content) to a safe locate
  • un-install the older version of NetObjects Fusion (un-installing all older versions before installing the current version will avoid know dll registration issues). The un-installer should leave your 3rd party components, styles, and user sites folders but copy the ones mentioned above just to be safe.
  • Note: It is NOT necessary to un-install previous versions of NetObjects Fusion before installing the current version.  If you do not want to un-install your older version there is no problem with running as many versions of NetObjects Fusion on your computer as you wish. You will need to manually copy your Components and styles as outlined above until the 3rd party vendors have their component installer programs set to recognize current version.
Step 4:  Install the current Version:

Install the current version of NetObjects Fusion.  If you are installing an Upgrade Version you will be prompted for a serial number of a qualifying product (any full version of 3, 4, 5, MX,  7, or 7.5 are qualifying products).  You DO NOT need to have a previous version already installed to install the current version upgrade, only the serial number of a qualifying product. If you kept an earlier version installed the upgrade will find it and not ask for a serial number.

Step 5:  Install all 3rd party components and your site styles:
  • Install or copy all 3rd party components from your old version to the NetObjects Fusion components folder
  • Copy the site styles from your old version to the NetObjects Fusion styles folder or create new folders within the style structure.

You MUST install or copy all 3rd party components to the current version components folder BEFORE you import and open any site templates

If you are installing Fusion under Windows Vista or Windows 7, you must run Fusion as ADMINISTRATOR the first time you start the program. Make sure that you DO NOT run Fusion from the installer (uncheck the Run Fusion check box). Right click the Fusion icon on your desktop and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. This only needs to be done the first time the program is run using Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Set Fusion to always run with administrator privileges. Follow this tutorial to set Fusion to always force Fusion to run with administrator privileges

Step 6:  Import your templates into the current Version:
  • From the NetObjects Fusion menu bar select File > New Site > From Template
  • Navigate to the templates folder where you saved your exported templates
  • Click on the template you wish to import and give it a name in the current version user sites folder
  • The template will be imported and site will open in in current version of NetObjects Fusion.
  • Check the backup settings, publish settings and all other settings listed on the NetObjects Fusion settings page
  • Do this for all sites that you want to import

It is recommended that you run the imported site through the NetObjects Fusion auto optimize feature. To do this select the Site View icon from the tool bar and from the menu bar select Tools > Re-optimize. Note:  The current version re-optimize function is identical to the MX and above re-optimize feature and the same as the old recover procedure in earlier versions of NetObjects Fusion.

Note: If you are migrating from Fusion Version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or MX you must first import your site into Version 7.5 then export from version 7.5 before importing into the current version....  You cannot import a site exported from versions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or MX directly into the current product.

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