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Ever since the release of Fusion 8 popup windows have been an option on the links properties pallet which makes popups a no-brainer. This tutorial is presented so that you can get an idea of how you can roll your own popup windows if you want to do more than what the built in popup link function does.

So, if you feel that you must do it yourself, here's a basic script function to get you going. There's much more on the gotFusion members' tutorial pages: "sticky" popups, full screen popups, how to put all the code in the link, centering your popup, mouseover popups, auto closing popups, and much more.

But for now...

Popup Basics

Put this script function in the Head of your page:

Javascipt hates line breaks so make sure there are no gaps or linebreaks from the word   all the way through to  resizable=1") 

Change the 1s and 0s to turn any feature on or off. Change the naming of the function to suit yourself BUT make sure it is consistent with the javascript function call that you will insert into your link below.

View a list of all javascript window attributes and what they represent.

For the text or button you want your visitors to click in order to trigger each popup, treat it as you would to make any normal link (ie select it and click on the Link button).

On the Link Type dropdown, select External.

On the New Link dropdown, select Javascript, then in the box to its right, type in the name of your script function:


Create a page in your NOF site called popup (so that it becomes a page called popup.html to match the reference in the script above) and put on it the content you want to show in the popup.

If you are using autogenerated nav buttons, you will need to make sure the popup page is in a part of your site that doesn't show up amongst your nav buttons.

If you are publishing using the Flat file structure, that's it.

Otherwise, go to Publish View. Locate the folder that has all of the popup page's files.

Drag ALL of the files that relate to the popup page to the folder of the originating page if they aren't there already.

More info about scripted windows for extended support members!

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