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How To Create a Navigation Bar Button
That Links to an External Site

Occasionally, the need to Link a Navigation Bar button to an external site will arise.
Here is how to accomplish that task in Fusion.

Step 1

  • Select the Navigation Bar and view the Navigation Bar Properties Palette
  • Click the "Edit Custom" button (See Fig. 1.0) and the "Custom Navigation Bar
    Properties Palette will pop up. (See Fig. 1.2)

Fig. 1.0

Step 2

  • Click the "Link Type" drop down arrow button to expose the drop down "Link
    Type" list (See the Red Arrow in Fig 1.2).
  • Select the type of link you need, for this tutorial it's the "External Link" option.

Notice that you can also select "File Link" for linking to remotely located files.

Fig. 1.2

Step 3

  • In the "New Link" dialog box (see blue arrow in Fig. 1.3) type in the URL that you want that button to link to.
  • Click on the "Save" button (see red arrow in Fig. 1.3)

Fig. 1.3

Step 4

  • Click the "Add>" button (see blue arrow in Fig 1.4) to move your new link over to the "Custom navigation bar" side of the dialog box.
  • Click the "OK" Button at the bottom of the "Custom Navigation Bar" properties dialog box (see red arrow in Fig. 1.4).

Fig. 1.4

Step 5

  • Lets rename the new button.  Double click the Nav Bar button that you want to rename. The Navigation Button Properties" palette appears. See Fig 1.5 below.

Fig. 1.5

Step 6

  • Type the new name into the "Navigation Button Properties"  Palette "Button" dialog box. (see red arrow in Fig. 1.6)

Fig. 1.6

That's it, your Navigation Bar button is linked to the external website that you typed into the "New Link" dialog box in Fig. 1.3

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