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NetObjects Fusion 8 Through 2013 expanded Links Properties

Since the release of Fusion 8 in 2004 the link properties palette has been redesigned. It is much cleaner in appearance having combined all link functions into a drop down selection. When you first select an object and press the link button you are presented with several link options and targets.

The default link target is (None) which will write the html coding for a standard link that uses the existing web browser to open the next page within the existing browser window (a normal link).

Selecting Link Targets

If you select Existing from the Target drop down box you will have all of the predefined html link targets which are _blank, _self, _parent, and _top. If you are using frames you will see all of the frame targets for the number of frame elements that you are using.

You can create custom named link targets by selecting the Add button and creating a user defined link target. Once you have created a custom target you can reuse your defined target anywhere in your site from any link.

link Properties Existing Options

JavaScript Pop-up Windows:

By Selecting the Pop-Up Window option from the Target drop down Fusion will write a javascript popup window for you. You can select the Default popup or you can select the Add button and use the Pop-Up Window Properties Editor palette to create a different popup window and select the size, location, and window attributes (chrome). Once you have created your own custom popup window give it a unique name and it will be saved and added to the drop down list along with the default so that you can select it and reuse it on other pages.

I like to use the size of the window as the name such as 800x600_no_chrome, 400x400_statusbar, etc so that I can easily look at the drop down list and quickly make my selection. The Pop-Up Window Properties Editor palette has the most commonly used JavaScript options available to you to use as check boxes and as simple input boxes for width, height, and left and top off set for positioning of the new scripted window. You will also find check boxes to create the most common window features, full screen popups and popups that automatically center in the display.

Using The Script Editor

When you click the text link Edit with Script Editor you are presented with the actual JavaScript that will be written. You can then customize the script to fit your exact needs if you cannot get what you wish from the check and input boxes in the simpler default Pop-p Window Properties Editor palette.

For example: The location bar is not one of the check box options. To get a scripted window with just the location bar add location=1 to the line of parameters in the Pop-Up Window Script Editor.

Note: You need to add a comma separator either before of after any additional parameters you enter depending on where you place your new parameter in the existing list.

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