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It is easy to create bread crumb navigation within Fusion.

Text Nav Bar ToolFrom the NetObjects Fusion Standard Tool Bar select the Text Navigation Bar tool by clicking on the Nav bar tool and holding down your left mouse button unite the other tools fly out, then click on the text navigation tool


Click in your page and draw a rectangle where you wish the Bread Crumb navigation to appear

NavPaletteBreadCrumbFrom the Navigation Bar Properties palette select Breadcrumb Trail from the drop down list. Text will automatically be selected but you can choose Button if you wish to have a graphic representation of your bread crumb trail.

Adding a Delimiter to your bread crumbOn the Second Tab of the Navigation Bar Properties palette Choose an appropriate delimiter (what will be shown between the  bread crumb links).  I like to use the > character in the start box followed by a space to give more distance between the text.

Choose the option Constrain to single line

Most Breadcrumb navigation does not have the current page as a link as there is no need to click a link to go to the page that the visitor is already reading so leave Link current page unchecked.

The Font, Color, and Size of the bread crumb text is set in Style View and is shared by the Text Nav Bar so setting the attributes of the Text Nav Bar also sets the attributes of the bread crumb

That's all there is to it.

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