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The first thing to start with when setting up WS_FTP LE is to find where NetObjects Fusion saves the generated HTML files and associated graphics that make up your web site

If you are using the latest version of the Fusion product you will find your web site pages in your My Documents folder. Using Windows Explorer open My Documents, then the User Sites folder, and find your site project. Your web site will be inside of the Local Publish folder. Everything within the Local Publish folder is needed to make your web site display.

Keep Windows Explorer open as you will need to copy/paste from the location bar into your WS_FTP LE profile to tell WS_FTP where to look for your web site files on your computer when it connects to our hosting servers.

NetObjects Fusion stores your web site in the Local Publish folder

On the web server you need to put your files in the wwwroot folder

Where Fusion has placed your web site on your computer

If you are running older versions of Fusion your Local Publish folder may be located where NetObjects Fusion is installed on your C:\ drive. Your web site will be inside of the Local Publish folder, regardless of which version of Fusion you are using and where Fusion keeps its files

Now that you know where Fusion has placed your web site on your computer you can start your copy of WS_FTP LE

If this is the first time you have used WS_FTP LE you will be presented with a blank Session Properties palette. If you have used WS_FTP before you will have saved FTP profiles and you will need to press the NEW button to create a new FTP profile for this web site

On the General tab:

WS_FTP LE general settings for accounts

  • In Profile Name: Use your domain name. It will always be unique and help you quickly identify each FTP profile once you get more than one
  • In Host Name/Address: Enter your domain name (, proceeded by ftp
  • Keep Host Type set to Automatic
  • In User ID: Enter your FTP User Name
  • In Password: Enter your FTP Password
  • In Accounts: Leave this BLANK
  • In Comments: You can enter what you wish. This is a notes field and can be used for reminders etc.

Click the Startup tab

WS_FTP LE Start Up settings for accounts

  • In Initial Remote Site Folder: Enter wwwroot
  • In Initial Local Folder: Copy and pasted the location of Local Publish from the Windows Explorer Location Bar.

Click OK. Your profile will be saved and you will be connected to your domain on our web servers.

Once you are connected you will be shown the files on your computer in your Local Publish folder and the files on the web server in the wwwroot folder

The files on your computer will be shown in the window on the LEFT and the files on the remote web server will be shown in the window on the RIGHT

You can then select files on your computer in the window on the left and upload them to the web server which is shown on the right. You can create new folders on the web server and do much more using WS_FTP LE. Go over the HELP files by clicking the HELP button on the WS_FTP LE program to find out what all is available to you.

WS_FTP LE Start Up settings for accounts

Your Local Publish folder should look identical to the remote server wwwroot folder once you have uploaded your web site

If you have difficulties logging in using WS_FTP LE, check your FTP accounts in HELM to make sure you are using a valid FTP username/password.

Go over this tutorial on how to add FTP accounts to your domain with

Go over this tutorial on how to Change FTP Passwords once they have been created with

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