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You have finished your web site and now you want to show everyone. Why not burn it to a CD and take it around with you to show all your friends.

In order to do this you will need a few things

  1. You will need an application that makes this posable.  A good freeware (no cost) auto start program that will start html, pdf, exe, and other file formats is Autorun Pro:  Download the latest version of this program from the link at the bottom of the developers web page under the heading Updated Utility:
  2. After you have downloaded the zipped up files you will need to unzip the content of the download to a folder named auto run tools (you will need to make this folder on your hard drive
  3. Right click on file named autorun.inf and from the selection choose Open With and choose Notepad.  Edit the inf file so that it is like the code shown below then save the edited file.
  4. Copy AutoRunPro.exe and the edited autorun.inf into the root of your web site project
    (this is where the file index.html is located and unless you customized your publish output it will be in your user sites folder, under the name of your web site, and inside a folder called Local Publish)

autorun.inf should only have these lines of code in it.



Fire up your favorite CD burning software and copy all of the files in your user sites folder (which will now include these 2 new files AutoRunPro.exe and autorun.inf)

That's all there is to making a CD auto start when it is inserted in a CDrom drive.

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