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There Are Several Methods to Hide Pages
  1. Selecting Exclude From Navigation in Site View
  2. Select Do Not Publish and create hidden pages below
  3. Create a Custom Menu and Leave Out Some Pages

Exclude from Navigation
Select Exclude from Navigation

From the NetObjects Fusion Icon bar select Site View. Click on the page you wish to not appear in your nar bar to select it. On the Page Properties palette place a check in the Exclude from navigation check box. The page will be generated but it will not appear in your web site navigation bar. You can exclude as many pages as you wish from your web site navigation. You can still access these pages using the URL of the page as a link from any other page as it will still be published by Fusion.

Mark Parent Page as Don't Publish
Making the Parent Page Don't Publish will hide it and all child pages under it

From the NetObjects Fusion Icon bar select Site View. Create a page to place your hidden files below. On the second tab of the Page Properties palette place a check in the Don't publish check box. This page and all pages below it will be hidden from your site navigation. Only the page marked Don't Publish will not be created by Fusion. You can still access any of the pages below the initial Don't publish page using a direct URL as they will be created but not linked in the default menu structure. This method is good for hiding dynamic include files that you use on other pages. It is a good habit to set the publish method on pages holding dynamic include files to Zeromargins to reduce the amount of code generated by Fusion.

Creating a Custom Menu Structure

You can exclude any page or blocks of pages by creating a Custom Menu in NetObjects Fusion. Go to any page that holds your menu. Click on the nav bar component to select it and bring up the Navigation Bar Properties palette. Click the Custom radio button. Press the Edit Custom button. From the list of pages in the left panel, select the ones you wish on your site navigation and press the Add button. Leave off the pages you do not want to display.

Create a Custom Nav Bar and add ONLY what you want vistitors to see

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