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Embedding a youtube video.

The first steps are taken on the youtube web site
  1. Find the video on youtube

  2. Click on the "Share" link

  3. Click the "Embed" option to show the code box

  4. Select the video size and options you want and they will be written into the code box for you.

  5. Copy all of the code to your windows clipboard (ctrl+A to highlight then ctrl+C to copy)

Inserting the youtube code in Fusion
  1. Draw a text box or single celled table on your page.  Press ctrl+T to bring up the html insert dialog box

  2. Paste the youtube video in the dialog box and press OK

  3. You will see a small blue circle with a T inside of it to indicate the embedded code

Note: If you notice the position of your video shifts from what you see in page view or extra spaces appear use a single celled table instead of a text box. Make sure borders, padding, and spacing is set to 0 (zero) and that the "generate non-breaking spaces" option is un-checkeed

set table to be all zero for no added movement of embedded object code

The youtube video will look like this on your page.

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