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Using FileZilla for your gotHosting windows hosting account

Go to the FileZilla web site and download the latest exe version and install it, if you do not already have it installed on your computer

Setting up the FileZilla File Manager

Click the FileZilla Site Manager iconClick on the Site Manager Icon which is located under the File menu choice

This will open the Site Manager properties palette

Click the New FolderOn the left side below the tree window click on the New Folder button to create a new folder to hold the FTP credentials for your web sites on gotHosting. Give it a unique name like gotHosting sites

Click the New SitePress the New Site button and enter your domain name for the name of the site

General tab

Fill in the general tab as shown in the screen shot below. You can use either the server IP address OR (where "yourDomain" is the actual name of YOUR domain)

FileZilla General tab settings

Advanced tab

FileZilla Advanced tab settingsClick the Browse button and navigate to your local publish folder and select it as your default local directory. See this tutorial to find where on your computer your local publish folder is located

Enter /wwwroot for your Default remote directory (slash in front of wwwroot)

If you wish both sides (your computer and the server) to change directories when you change in one side or the other place a check in the box Use synchronized browsing

You can adjust the server / local time from the Adjust server time zone offset. The gotFusion servers are located in Denver Colorado USA which is Central Time. Set the hour offset in the input to correspond to how many hours your local time zone is different from the server location clock

You can leave the settings on the last 2 tabs set at their default properties

To select one of the sites you have entered, click the drop down arrow on the Site Manager icon and select the web site you wish to log into to and start your transfers

Select FTP log in from drop down

Uploading Your Web Site

If you have set everything up correctly you should see your website pages on the right side (wwwroot folder) and the local publish folder on your computer on the left side of the split screen in FileZilla. If you do not, check your settings and connect again or navigate within FileZilla to the correct folder on your home computer (the left side) and your hosting account (the right side). If you have any difficulty or have any questions of any kind contact us directly and we will be glad to help you set up FileZilla.

To upload, first select the files on the left side (your home computer). Once you have the files selected you can right click on the selected files and from the context sensitive menu select Upload. FileZilla will transfer the files from your home computer to your web site

Upload your website files

For a full list of features and functions available in the FileZilla FTP transfer program, please review the FileZilla operating manual on the FileZilla website

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