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Using The Fusion Component Database Wizard

Many of the more complex Fusion components require a database which is used by the code the component writes. These components will have a database wizard built into them which will create a database on your hosted domain and write a link to the database which will be used by the code written by the component.

Before you can use the database wizard you need to make a remote publish profile. The database wizard will connect to your remote web site and create the database and site structure it needs to use.

Before you decide to use a component generated database you need to understand a little about the databases that the wizard will create as well as have some basic web site security knowledge.

The Fusion components create and use a CSV file. This is a Comma Seperated Value flat text file. In other words it is a plain text file and can be read by anyone who knows where it is located.

Always place a database file where it can't be found and viewed by others.

To start the database wizard click the Wizard button on the component properties palette. The wizard button can be located on any tab of the component palette so check each tab of the component to make sure you have not missed creating the database that the component needs.

Click the Wizard button

The DB Creation Wizard properties palette will be opened when you click on the Wizard button

From the drop down box select your remote publish profile, then click the Connect button.

Select Remote publish profile and click the connect button

After the component connects to your remote web site you will see the directory structure of your hosted domain in the component window.

If you have not uploaded any content you will only see the root directory icon Web Root Icon

Web Site Structure
If you have uploaded content you will see the complete file structure of your remote web site in the wizard's window.

After connecting to your remote web site and your site structure is displayed, you need to select the location where you want to have the database created. You can tell the component to place the database file anywhere you wish on your remote web site.

If you want to make a folder under the assets folder to hold the database, click on the assets folder to select it, then right click the assets folder, select New Folder and give it a name.

I like to have the databases off of the root folder within a random folder name which is generated by the component. To have your databases off of root in a random named folder you first have to click on the Root Icon to select the root folder. Then press the Auto Generate button Click Auto Generate button. Auto Generate will create a folder made up of a random selection of upper/lower case alpha/numeric characters and create the database within that folder. Letting Fusion create a random named folder is the most secure method of placing your database.

Alternately you can make a folder within the assets folder and have Fusion place the database in that folder or you can select an existing folder to hold the database. If you do not want Fusion to create a randomly named folder you would click the Create Database button Click The Generate button (not use the Auto Generate feature). You can also combine the two methods by manually creating a folder and then letting Fusion generate a random named folder within the one you create. The harder you make your flat file database to find, the safer the information stored within it will be.

Whether you select to Auto Generate random named folders or Create Database option you will see the Success dialog window when Fusion finishes creating the database. You will not have any of these folders on your local publish, they will only exist on your remote web site.

DB Successfully Created

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