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Using Advanced Mals-E Store Tools

This tutorial assumes that you have already signed up for a Mals-E account. If you have not done so already, use this URL and sign up for an account so that you will receive the required information to place within your manually built store

Before you begin go over the how to create a standard Fusion store using Forms Tools tutorial

Multi Item Options Feature:

Mals-e allows you to send multiple description options along with your initial description. You may need to send a size, color, etc along with the order information. You can create a separate store item for each size but this can make your store excessively long when having one item with several options will do what you want. By sending multiple options such as a size, color, or application (PC/Mac), you can have a single item where the site visitor can select exactly what they want.

Mals-e uses the reserve word product to transfer the product information to your cart. When you have a product with multiple options you use their multi option reserver word product[] (the reserve word product followed immediately by square brackets). You can add as many product options as you want by adding more product[] fields in your form.

Note: When you use the multi-option product function you must use product[] for all of your product details. You can no longer use just the reserve word product as the additional options will be ignored unless you use product[] for all product descriptions.

Adding a Size Drop Down Box:

When you have a pre-required response such as a size (small, med, large, you should use a drop down selection box for your store user to make their selection from. Each option will have the

  • Within your form table which contains your item place a drop down box
  • Enter product[] as the Name in the Forms Combo Box palette
  • Press the + (plus sign) on the Forms Combo Box palette
  • In the Enter Value palette input area enter:
    1. The word you wish to show in the drop down box selection in the Name area
    2. In the Value area enter what you wish to be passed to your Mals-e cart

Enter each value for your drop down options

When you are finished your Forms Combo Box Properties palette should look like this:

Creating a size drop down for your mals-e product

You use this exact same method to add other options such as color. Use a Forms Combo Box when you have pre-determined options such as size, color, application. If you have a product option that requires non pre-defined options such as wording on a T-shirt you can use a standard input box or multi-line input to gather your store user's requirements. Each option will have the same name of product[]. Your form will send multiple instances of this same name and Mals-e will append each one to your item description.

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