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Styles Menu

The WSP engineers have added or modified several items on the Style menu.

  • One large new wrinkle is that menu items "grey out" (become non-selectable), based on the context of what you select in the left pane of the main Style View window.

As you can see in Figures 2 and 3, the Style Menu has changed a lot. The list below shows existing items in plain text, new items in bold.

  • New Blank Site Style
  • New SiteStyles Folder
  • Duplicate SiteStyle
  • Delete SiteStyles Volume
  • Add to Active Styles
  • Set SiteStyle
  • Remove Unused Active SiteStyles…
  • Edit Text Styles
  • Add SiteStyles Source…

Figure 2 — NOF 7.5 Style Menu

Figure 3 — NOF 7 Style Menu

Figure 2 — NOF 7.5 Style Menu

Figure 3 — NOF 7 Style Menu

We'll discuss the menu items in more detail later. First, let's absorb the new Left Pane.

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