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This gotHosting Knowledge Base article assumes that you have already created your domain name in your hosting account. If you have not created a domin in your hosting go over the tutorial on how to add a domain to host

In order for you to view your site on our web servers BEFORE your DNS settings propagate, following this procedure to add a Temporary URL which will allow you to view and upload to your new web site immediately:

  1. Login to Helm
  2. Click on the Domains Icon
  3. Click on the Domain Name from the list of hosted domains
  4. Click the link next to the text: Temporary URL: Click here to create a temporary access URL
  5. Click the "Setup" button.
  6. Once the this finishes processing you will be given the Temporary URL

Now, you can directly access the site via HTTP or your FTP software by using the Temporary URL that was just configured.

NOTE: Once the domain name propagates you should change your FTP settings to the actual from this temporary URL.

If you are using NetObjects Fusion to remote publish enter your temporary remote publish settings like those in this example:

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