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What Fusion Does When It Creates Your HTML Pages

When you publish your site project NetObjects Fusion will create files and folders on your local hard drive in preparation for uploading the generated HTML code to your web host. The folder within your user site folder that NetObjects Fusion creates is called "Local Publish" by default.

There will be times when publishing that you may experience the following:

  • The text on your navigation bar may be garbled or wrong buttons may show up or you navigation links go to the wrong page
  • Extra/duplicate folders created by NetObjects Fusion either on your computer or in your website folder.  These may be called duplicate 1, duplicate 2, etc.
  • your images may be renamed with an underscore (_) prefix in your Autogen folder.
  • your images may appear corrupted (fuzzy)
  • Table borders may appear on random pages even though you have all borders set to 0 (zero)

These are random issues that can happen and you can't prevent them from happening. You can correct these problems by clearing the content out folders within your user sites folder before you start the publishing process.

Duplicate folders:

  1. In your Assets folder for your site project. This comes from when you import templates which contain files with identical names. All files which are in a template Asset folder is copied into the site file's Asset folder when the template is imported. If duplicate names exist, NetObjects Fusion creates a duplicate folder in which to place the second file.
  2. In the Publish view of your site. This comes from when you have two or more files with the same name which are by default published to the same directory on the server. This happens because you have files of the same name coming from different sources. These are considered to be separate and unique files and therefore they are given their own unique directory in Publish view. Typically if you have the first case (Example 1) you will also have the second (Example 2), though it does depend on your directory structure.

    This can also happen if you have previous "Preview or Publish" folders and you do not delete them before you re-publish your site - Locally or Live.
  3. You have previous "Preview or Publish" folders and NetObjects Fusion attempts to include them in your re-publishing of the site or attempts to overwrite them and it is not done correctly.

You will get duplicate folders in Publish view less often with the Site Structure directory option since this delegates files to directories based on the page names.

Duplicate Folders

     Example (example 1) of how your Fusion Directory may look

Underscored Graphics
Example (example 2of how your graphics may be rename by Fusion

The solution, unfortunately, is labor intensive. There is no mechanism within NetObjects Fusion which allows you to compare and consolidate assets which have identical names. So the only way to do this is to go through one at a time and eliminate the duplicates, then make sure that the elements on your pages which were referencing the duplicate assets are now pointed at the correct single asset in your assets list

Autogen Folder has duplicate graphics ( with underscore _ ):

You can get duplicate graphics with an underscore preceding the graphic name when:

  1. re-publishing without first deleting the "Preview" and "Local Publish" folders.
  2. modifying an image within Fusion, by adding transparency, adding text, or cropping the image.
  3. Importing templates with duplicate file names

Here are the Steps to take to avoid the publishing issues mentioned:

  1. Prior to Publishing your nod file, navigate to your NetObjects/User Sites/Site you are want to publish/ folder on your system and delete the "Preview" and "Local Publish" folders
  2. In Assets view, verify all assets.
  3. In Assets view, check for duplicate file names with different file paths. Example 3
  4. Publish by Site Structure
  5. Clearing Customizations - this will reset the publish output to the Fusion default settings in Publish -->Arrange Files. Example 3b
  6. Re-optimizing your site

Tip: Clicking on the Name Tab (default) in Assets View will alphabetise the assets so you will be able to see "duplicate" file names easily. Example 4


Assets View
An example (example 3) of how the Assets appear in Assets view


clear customization

An example (example 3b) of how to clear customizations



Assets Type

An example (example 4) of alphabetized assets as they appear in Assets view

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