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Setting up NetObjects Fusion to keep adequate backups
Important Application and Site settings
For Version 7 and Earlier

Every time you create a new blank site, import a site from a template, or do a recover or re-optimize on a site, Fusion may  reset some very important site settings to their default levels.  If you use forms on your web site check the forms action settings as these may be removed by an import/recover/re-optimize.  Remember this and check The following site settings after any of these procedures and when you create a NEW site.

Location of Important settings in NetObjects Fusion:

Site Settings can be reached from the NetObjects Fusion Tools Menu choice located on every page.  In Version 7 the settings have been broken down and are now on 2 separate settings palettes, one for the application and one for the sites.

Application Settings

One of the new menu option choices is NetObjects Fusion Application Settings.

Current Site Settings

The other new menu option choice is the NetObjects Fusion Current Site Settings. These will need to be set for each site you work with.

  • The Site Settings Palette General tab is where you turn on CSS and select the Meta character set. This is where you will find the buttons for your HTML formatting and generation options.
  • From the General tab select the change button next to the browser compatibility settings and set your HTML generation output to match the browsers you wish to have your generated code be compatible with.
  • On the General site settings palette select the HTML Options button to set the HTML formatting of the generated code and the Fusion generator Meta tag
  • You can enter your Meta keywords and one custom Meta tag on the Site Settings Pallet Meta tab (a better way to enter Meta tags is to follow the Meta tag tutorial)
  • You can save a record of changes to your web sites on the Site Settings Palette History tab
  • Use the Site Settings Backup tab to set the number of backups that Fusion keeps and where they are stored and in what file naming format they are stored in. I recommend setting the number of backups kept to 10.

Publishing Settings

The Publish settings that are important and need to be set are located on the Publish View page

  • In Publish settings check your publish output.  If you publish Flat or by Site Structure this can be changed when you import your site from a template (the default New Site setting is Publish by Asset Type). 
  • In Publish settings check all of the 3rd party post publish components to make sure that the ones that are required to publish your site are enabled (checked).
  • If you Local Publish to a directory other than /User Sites/Local Publish/ this may change when you import from a template, check your publish location if you use a different publish folder
  • Set up your Remote Publish information.

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