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How To Make Thin Borders By Using Layout Regions.
This method is ideal when you need a border just on 2 or 3 sides.

Step 1.

Place A Layout Region And Color The Background To The Desired Border Color.

Step 2.

Place An Additional Layout Region And Color The Background To The Desired Color. This Layout Region Will Have The Text And Graphics Placed On It.

Step 3.

Drag One Onto The Other.

Step 4.

Place The Top Layout Region In The Top Left Corner.
Turn Off Grid, Object Outlines and Page Labels.

Step 5.

Use The Arrow Keys To Move The Top Layout Region, Down One Pixel, Right One Pixel.

Step 6.

Use The Mouse To Push The Right Side Of The Back Layout Region Over To The Front Layout Region. Note The Width In The Status Bar, 193 Pixels.

Step 7.

Drag Out One Pixel To 194. Watch The Status Bar.

Step 8.

Do The Same For The Bottom.

Step 9.

Place Text And Graphics

Camera Model 555-5555

Place Text And Graphics, Finished.


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