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How To Make Colored Scroll Bars For IE With CSS Settings.
This method places the settings into the external style sheet.

Step 1.

You Have Probably Seen Some Sites With Colored Scroll Bars.
It's Easy To Do With CSS.
If You Are Using Microsoft's Internet Explorer Browser, You Should Be Seeing A Colored Scroll Bar On This Page.

Step 2.

In Page View, Click Edit Text Styles.

Step 3.

In Text Style, Click On Body, Then Edit.

Step 4.

In Text Format-Body, Select The Custom Tab (1), Click New (2), In Name, Type In iescroll (3), And In Value (4),
Copy The Code Below, Paste To NotePad, Then Copy And Paste Into Value,
 (*Never Paste Directly From The Web Into NOF, Go To NotePad First, To Clean The Text),
Then Click OK, Then Click Close.
You Can Alter Any Of The Color Values...

scrollbar-3d-light-color : #999999;
 scrollbar-arrow-color : #999999;
 scrollbar-base-color : #666666;
 scrollbar-dark-shadow-color : #999999;
 scrollbar-face-color : #666666;
 scrollbar-highlight-color : #999999;
 scrollbar-shadow-color : #999999;}

Step 5.

Make Sure You Site Settings Has CSS Turned On And Preview The Page.
(Tools, Site Settings, General, Change, Tick Cascading Style Sheets, CSS)
Does Not Work In Netscape Browsers.

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