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You can put an outside site in the body of your page if you use auto-frames. The outside site will simply replace your body frame.

There are two methods. One uses some frame code which you put in the Head of your body frame. The other uses a meta-refresh code which you put in the Head of your body frame.

Put nothing at all in your body frame, since the code you put in the Head will totally replace anything you do in the body.

Which method should you use? Both will simply show an outside site in your body frame. However, if you use a meta-refresh, your user won't be able to use their back button to go back from your page, because, when they try to go back, they'll hit your meta-refresh which will continually just take them to the target of your meta-refresh. They'll find this annoying. For this reason, I don't like the meta-refresh method. But it's up to you.


The framecode method

In the Body frame of the page you want to bring the outside site into, put this in the Head:

<frameset rows="100%,*" border="0"
<frame src="">

To put it in the Head of your body frame, do this:
Right click in the body area and select Layout HTML. Now paste Between Head Tags to get it into the Head of the body frame.

Click to see an example.


The meta-refresh method

To insert a meta-refresh, follow the instructions above, but put this Between Head Tags:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" content="0;URL=">

The "0" means it will happen immediately. Your user won't even be aware that they have been taken elsewhere. 2 would mean the outside site would replace your original body frame in 2 seconds.

Click to see this in action.


Any site can avoid being captured in a frame set by utilizing javascript to break the frame.

See this gotFusion tutorial on how to make sure your site does not get captured in someone elses frame set


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