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If you've changed the address of a page or site and want to put an automatic redirector from the old location, just put this HTML document in the old location.

Copy everthing from <HTML> to </HTML>, paste it into Notepad or your editor of choice and save it as the name of the document your users expected to find. Then ftp it to the location you have vacated.

<TITLE>Auto Change Page</TITLE>
function autoChange()
var timeID = setTimeout("location.href= ''", 5000)
<BODY onload="autoChange()">
The address of "" has changed.
You will be taken to the new address in five seconds.
Please change your bookmarks if you have bookmarked the page.

Note that the timeout is 5000. This means 5000 milliseconds which is 5 seconds. Change it if you want to make a different delay. Also, of course, change the URL to that of your new address and change the message to suit yourself.

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