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Editing an existing e-mail link to include a subject

You can add a subject line and body content to an e-mail that is started from a graphic or text link.  NetObjects Fusion will automatically create the starting e-mail link for you when you type in an e-mail address and hit the space bar or the enter key after you type it in. Once the e-mail address is entered as a link you can edit it. For this example the e-mail link below is currently on one of your web pages.

  1. Select the link by clicking anywhere within it.
  2. click the HTML button on the text properties palette
  3. To add the subject line to an e-mail start with a ?subject= and what you want it to say
    Click this e-mail link to see the subject added

You will notice that %20 appears between the two words of the subject line.  Some mail servers and a few e-mail clients (especially AOL) do not like spaces and will break the e-mail address subject line or append the ascii character for a space to the subject line (%20 is the ascii equivalent of a space)

If you want to add some text to the body of the e-mail to start off, after the end of the subject place &body= add some text for the body (ampersand equal sign then text).

Click this e-mail link to see a full subject and body:

Select all of the e-mail addresses above to see the different states of completion in the user e-mail that is started. The last one uses additional ascii characters to add carriage returns and line feeds.

There are many characters that have special meaning to web browsers and e-mail clients such as / (forward slash) ? (question mark is used to append) & (ampersand is used to continue an append after text) and others.  You will need to use the ascii equivalent to anything other than letters and numbers.

Enter your email address in the box below to receive an email that has a subject, message body, and a text file containing all of the ascii codes that you will need to format your  mailto: links

Mailto URL ASCII Encoder

This mailto URL encoder will do all of the dirty work of composing encoded mailto: URLs with subject and body text, along with a bcc, or cc and replace all special characters including line breaks with their ASCII equivalents.



Copy and paste the content of the URL: text box into the mailto: link option on your Fusion link properties palette. All spaces, line feeds, and special characters have been replaced with their ASCII equivalents.


The only limitation with this is that using the Fusion input box for a mailto: link you are limited to a string no longer than 255 characters.  If you find that you need more length then this you will need to place your code using a different method which is explained in this gotFusion members tutorial

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