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How to hide pages from showing in the Fusion menu bar but that you can still use

Do you have a password page you do not what to show on your menu?  Do your child pages show on the JavaScript flyout when you don't want them to. If so here is a little trick that you can use on every web site you build.

To hide pages from the Fusion Menu create a new page on the same level, set the page to Don't Publish, and move the pages you want hidden under the new page. Marking the page Don't Publish will keep it from showing up in the Fusion Menu and all pages below it will be hidden but still available from the Fusion Links Palette for linking. This is a good place to put Password and log on pages and all of the pages you call as popups with JavaScript.

To keep Child pages from Showing on a Fusion JavaScript flyout menu with out affecting how the other child pages show create a hidden page between the parent and the child pages.  The pages will not show on the Flyout but you can still link to them from the Fusion Links Palette directly from any page.


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