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Here is a simple JavaScript that will hide your e-mail address from spam bots and allow you to have an actual respond to me address without worry.


You can use this script by inserting it using Ctrl+T anywhere you wish your e-mail address to appear

Here is the Script

<script language="JavaScript">
var your_domain = "replace_this_with_your_domain"
var your_user_name = "replace_this_with_your_email_name"
var the_recipient = your_user_name + "@" + your_domain
var your_url = "mailto:" + the_recipient
// -->

There are 2 variables that you must replace with your e-mail address parts

  1. Replace replace_this_with_your_domain with your domain (i.e.
  2. Replace replace_this_with_your_email_name (i.e. the part before the @ in your address

That is all you need to do and the script will assemble your address and it will appear and function on your web page just like a normal e-mail address


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