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To have the current date displayed on your pages you can use any of the dynamic languages that are available. Placing the coding within Fusion is accomplished in exactly the same way regardless of whether you are using ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, or JavaScript.

Step 1:

If you wish to have the current date show on all of your web pages press F10 to bring up the MasterBorder Properties palette and press the HTML button. If you only want the current date to show on one page (your opening page) go to that page and press F9 to bring up the Layout Properties palette and press the HTML button

Step 2:

Enter the Javascript coding that is in this attached zipped text file into the Between the Head tab

Insert the Script Funcition in the Head

Step 3:

Double click within any text box or table cell where you wish the date to appear to enter edit mode

Step 4:

Press CTRL + T to bring up the Insert HTML dialogue box


Step 5:

Paste the following code within the HTML insertion dialogue box input area and click OK

<script language=javascript>

You will see the HTML insert icon character on your page where you have placed the script

Note:  If you wish to format your date text separately from the rest of the content of the text box or table cell just left click and hold, then drag across the area where the HTML insert Icon is located to highlight it, then select the span tool and make your formating changes on the Span Tool Properties palette.

The Date will display on your generated page in this form


Download this Javascript Function in a Zip File

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