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So, you want a link from the bottom of the page back to the top on every page?

You have tried using the current page radio button in the Link Properties palette and selecting the anchor from the drop down box on the link Properties palette but you find that you are taken to the anchor on another page not the current page like it says you will be in the palette.... Frustrating isn't it?

Here is a way to set an anchor in the top MasterBorder and link from the bottom MasterBorder back to the top of the page that will work on EVERY page.

  1. Click in the Master Border to bring up the MasterBorder Properties palette or press F10 then click on the HTML button located at the bottom right corner of the palette.
  2. Select the Beginning of Body tab (the one furthest to the right) and enter your anchor tag...
    <A name="pageTop"></A>
  3. Place a graphic or text in the bottom MasterBorder to link from (if you are using text highlight it to select it).
  4. Click the link button on the Text Properties palette or Picture Properties palette, select the External Tab on the Link Properties palette and pick (none) from the URL drop down list It is the first one in the list, click the drop down arrow and go to the top of the selections, you will see (none) as the top most selection.
  5. Enter # and the name of your anchor. Example: #pageTop
  6. Click the Link button

You will have a Return to Top of Page link on the bottom of all your pages. You will find one on the bottom of every page on this site. If you have a long page that you want to place several Return to Top of Page links within the layout, place your text or graphic on the page where you want to link from and follow the last 3 steps above. Place as many Return to Top of Page links as you need, where ever you need them. They all will function correctly. My copyright tutorial page has several return to top inks in the layout region that return to the top of the page if you wish to see an example ofmultiple return to top anchor links.

You can also place anchors in the left or right MasterBorder at various positions in your sites. I like to place an anchor at the top navigation area just below the banner and another one at the top of the layout area just below the navigation but you can drop them anywhere you feel you will use them in your other pages. Once you have them placed you can use this technique to link to any anchor in the MasterBorder from within any page from any location, Layout to MasterBorder or MasterBorder to MasterBorder. You will be surprised how may times these will come in handy.

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