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You have come to a point in your site development where using a single "normal" nav bar component is not doing what you want or you need to open some external sites in a new window from your site navigation


You can have as many nav bar components on a page as you wish and you can configure them in any way that you desire.

Scenario 1:  One button opens an external link in a new window

For this to work you need two nav bar components and the external link needs to be at the beginning or end of the row of buttons

Step 1:  Make a Table

Table Tool IconSelect the table tool from the Standard Tools toolbar and draw a single celled table.  If your nav bar is horizontal draw a horizontal table if your nav bar is vertical draw a vertical table.

Set the Rows to 1 and Columns to 1

We will  set the Cell Padding, Cell Spacing, and Cell Borders to 0 (zero) on the table properties palette (which will be shown to you after you click OK on the Table Creation palette) after we have made our multiple nar bar site navigation.

Step 2:  Add the Nav Bar Components

2 nav bar components in a table cellIf you already have a nav bar component configured drag it into the table that you have just created otherwise select the nav bar component from the Advanced Tools toolbar and draw either a horizontal or vertical nav bar component within the table cell to create your site navigation.

NOTE: When creating a nav bar you can determine whether it will be displayed horizontally or vertically by the way you draw it when you create it. Draw a horizontal nav bar after selecting the tool and you will get a horizontal nav bar, draw a vertical nav bar and your component will initial be show in the vertical format

After you have drawn your 1st nav bar component select the component from the toolbar once again and draw a second nav bar above, below, left, or right of the 1st component.

If you are creating a vertical nav bar you will need to set the positioning of both components to center so that they display over each other. This is done from the Align tab on each of the nav bar component properties palettes

Step 3:  Make the New Window

blankTargetSelect the 2nd nav bar component.  Click the Custom Radio button and from the drop down box select External Link.  Enter the URL of the external web site you wish to open in a new window and then click OK.  You will now have a nav bar component with a single button.  To get this external link to open in a new window select _blank from the list of Target Options

This will make every link on your 2nd nav bar component open in a new window so only have external links on this component


Step 4: Cleaning UP


Cleaning up the Table display optionsSelect the table again and set the Cell Spacing to 0 (zero), Cell Padding to 0 (zero), Borders to 0 (zero).

Set the Width  to Auto

Set the Height to Auto

Un-check Generate non-breaking spaces

Your table should snap totally around your two nav bar components and they should look as though they were a single component

NOTE: In order to select the table again you will need to use the Object Tree as you have removed all outside areas of the table and it will become invisible in the GUI. The easiest way to select the table again is to select one of the nav bar components and the table will be the object directly above the component in the Object Tree.


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