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Many form inputs can be automated by using a drop down selection box and giving the user a choice to pick from like the one on the right.                   

The selection of what state they are from is one of these things where the choices are always the same (after all there are only 50 states)

NOTE: You should always create your forms as tables to control positioning.

forms Combo BoxFrom the Forms Tools toolbar add a Forms Combo Box where you would like your state selection to be located

Form Combo Box Properties for StatesPress the HTML button on the Forms Combo Box properties palette and enter the code in this Zip File for the US States, Canadian Territories and US possessions (Guam etc.) selection within the Inside the Tag tab. You will notice that the zip file list of states starts by closing the select tag with a >, lists the options, then ends with the closing select tag missing the final >. Fusion supplies the rest of the select tag coding for you.

Click HERE to download the States drop down Zip file



States Inside the Tag tab



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