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Style View IconClick the Style View Icon to go to Style View

Click the Selectors Tab.  Selectors Tab

Body SelectorScroll down to the BODY listing and click on it. Body is the last item in the list

Body Tag Font Selectionin the area on the right click the text under the Body statement. When Body CSS tag is selected there will be a line around all of the text showing you that you are working in the Body statement.

This will activate the CSS Common palette where you can make a Font Selection that will be applied to the text of your entire web site

You can also select a Color for your default font which will be applied to all text on all pages Select Font Color

The other options are for caps, underscore, strike out text wrap, etc. These would not be used when setting a primary font and color in the Body CSS tag

bac ground SelectionAlso available from this palette is the Background and Padding Selections which are Icons on the palette.

To make a background selection for every page of your web site click on the background icon then browsing to the image you wish to use. You can choose to have the background image repeat either horizontally or vertically or both. If you check Fix Background Position and uncheck both Repeat boxes you can have the image float in the center of your page while text scrolls past by selecting 50% from both positioning drop downs.

You can set the background color of every page by clicking the paint bucket and choosing a color.



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