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Step 1: Creating a New Profile

Click on the Publish Icon in the NetObjects Fusion Toolbar, Then select publish settings

Click Publish Icon then Publish Settinngs Icon

From the drop down box labeled Server Type select FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Select FTP from the drop down list of choices

newRemoteProfileGive the Profile a unique name in the Profile Name input box

Enter the Server Name that was given to you by your ISP when you set up your web hosting service. Some use some use just the Each will be different so this information needs to come from your host provider

Enter the default directory you wish Fusion to publish all of your files to.

The Default Directory is your web server root. Thic can be www or wwwroot or public_html  Ask your domain host what name to use

Enter your host account username and password

Once you have all of your information entered press the New button to create this new profile

Step 2: Test Your Connection

Connection test successful

To make sure that you have entered all of the correct information press the Test button. Fusion will connect to your remote host using the information you entered. If everything is correct you will get a Connection to Host Successful alert box. If something was not entered correctly you will get a Connection Failed alert box. IF you get this error dialogue check that you are connected to the internet, check your username and password, check the server name for misspelling and check that the root folder is listed properly.  IF all seems correct check with your web host to verify that you have the proper information to connect to your web site

Connection Test Failed


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