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Yes, You Can Have the Nav Bar Open in a New Window

Opening a scripted popup window from the Nav Bar component is a two step process

Step 1:

To have the Nav Bar component open a scripted window you need to write a script function such as the one below.

<script language="javascript"><!--
function outsidePop1() {'','FG','toolbar=1,location=1,

Copy the above script to notepad and make sure that the line is one continuous block of script all the way to the ending bracket and semicolon ); You should only have 6 lines of script.  You can replace the link that opens the Fusion Galleries web site in a new window with the link you wish to open in a new scripted window, unless you want to have a navigation button that links to us

OR       Download a zip file containing this script function

To place this script function bring up the MasterBorder Properties palette, press the HTML button on it, insert the script in the Between the Head tab.

Placment of your script function so it can be used by all pages

Step 2:

Create a Custom Nav Bar Component.  Add all of your internal page links that you want in your site navigation.  For the one that you wish to have open with your scripted Popup Link, create an External JavaScript link and place outsidePop1() as the call.  outsidePop1 is the name of the script function used in this example. You can change this call and the name of the function to meet your needs, just remember that both the name of the script function and the call have to be the same.

Place your Function Call as a JavaScript Link

You now will have a scripted window that is called from your navigation bar component




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