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NetObjects Fusion has a very little know but extremly  powerful user defined variables feature. 

To access the variable feature click the Assets Icon in the Tool bar, then select  the variables tab

To create a User-Defined Variable asset that you can use anywhere on your site project pages, from the Menu bar select Assets > New User-Defined Variable

Then fill in the information in the dialogue box for a name for the variable asset and the content you wish to display when this variable is selected and placed on a page

The best use for the NetObjects is with a line of text within a MasterBorder that might change frequently such as a copyright notice.


One of the best usage for the variable feature is to place all of your copyright information or to use it where content may change frequently such as contact information or e-mail addresses.



To place an User Defined Variable  asset that you have created first click within the page where you wish the variable to appear and from the Menu bar select Text > Insert Field

Then from the dialogue box drop down select User Defined Variable then select the variable from the list that is presented.

The advantage to using User-Defined Variables is similar to that power that MasterBorders gives you except you can place a User-Defined Variable anywhere with your pages and when you update the variable content from assets view the next time you regenerate your web site every page that has that variable on it will be updated with the new content.


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