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Use an iframe to show content that your client updates

Here's a standard iframe using this code:

<iframe src="client1.html" width=600 height=200 marginwidth=5 marginheight=5 frameborder=1 scrolling=auto></iframe>


If the content source of the iframe is changed, it can be any readable html file. That file could be created in Microsoft Word (by your client) and uploaded by them to the server. I wouldn't get them to try anything complex (like including pix for instance) but for a simple text only document, created in Word, and saved as html, this is pretty basic. I made a simple document in Word and saved it as wordExample.htm. Here's an iframe that uses that document:

<iframe  src="wordExample.htm" width=600 height=200 marginwidth=5 marginheight=5 frameborder=1 scrolling=yes></iframe>


Good luck!

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