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How to make a page with rounded corners

See an example

Sometimes it's easier to see how something's done if you have the file open on your desktop. Here's a template so you can see what I've done and can play with it yourself. To use it, just start a new site and open it from the template once you've downloaded it.

How I did it

I made a page with a top master border and a bottom master border. No background (yet). Just a plain blank page with a top and bottom master border.

On the top master border, I placed a layout region and sized it so it filled the whole top border.

Now I put my top left graphic at the left of that layout region, the top right graphic at the right, and I set its background to be the small graphic in the middle immediatley below. Here they are:


Similarly, with the bottom border. I put a layout region in it, placed my bottom left and right corners in their positions in the layout region, and set the small graphic I'd made as its background. Here they are:



Now, in the body area, I placed another new layout region and made it fill the whole body area. I put this graphic as its background:


If you use this method, you might want to make a blank "template" page looking the way you want. Mark it to "Don't publish". Each time you want a new page in your site, go to Site View, select your template page, Copy, select the page you want your new page to hang off, Paste.

How I made the graphics

The corners have to be very precise quadrants. If they aren't you'll get misalignments with your sides and tops.

I used the Circle tool in Microsoft Excel and placed a full circle on four Excel cells. Like this:

I had Paintshop Pro open. Copied cell B4. Clicked in PSP. Paste. Voila! The top left graphic. Similarly with the other corners. (Oh, turn off gridlines before you copy in Excel. I turned them on here so you could see how I placed the circle, but you need to turn them off before you copy or you'll get a gridline colour at the edge of your graphic. To turn them off, go to the Tools/Options menu in Excel.)

The non-corner graphics were done more traditionally - I just made them in PSP.

For more on using Excel as a quick and dirty graphics tool, see this page.

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